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• 11/24/2016

The Strange CD

I have a Creepypasta I wrote up today, based off an incident that happened last year. Now, summary is, I went to work, and a coworker asked me if I was still into one of my favorite shows. When I responded yes, he showed me a CD with a title written crudely on there, as well as an empty CD packet. Both were kinda strange, and I joked how it felt like I was in my own little Creepypasta. From there, the idea kinda took off. It does have quite a few cliches, but that's because of how I wanted it to be written. Any way I can post it up here and maybe get some positive feedback, and any ways to iron it out constructivly, so it can become a wiki here on this site? Please and thank you.

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• 11/26/2016

Sure thing. 

You can either post it on the board as a threat for review and then repost as a story page on the site when you fix and re-do whatever is needed, if needed. Or you could just go and click the contribute button and contribute a page :)

If you're having trouble with the contribute option, once you add the new page, simply go into it and click on the "edit" at the top of the page in stead of waiting until the options bar opens up in the first place :O

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