Her Darker Side by LunarExplosion

Deep beneath 

A stable mind

There's a space between

The truth and lies

Where sanity Isn't what it seems

And real life is a

Nightmare of a dream...


Bella Robin woke up to her mother screaming, "ISABELLA JANE ROBIN, GET YOUR ASS DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" She sighed, envying her friends. At least they had normal families. Meanwhile, her mother was addicted to heroin, her father was long gone, and there was no hope of her and her sister Meg ever being friends.

Bella trudged down the stairs, her brown hair going every direction imaginable. Her mother glared and watched her daughter scarf down some eggs before leaving for school. Bella met her friend Savannah Lock at the bus stop. Savannah, as usual, was all smiles. "Hi, Bella! Guess who's trying out for cheerleading?" Savannah let out a little squeal.

"You?" "Me!" Savannah started giggling as the bus for Oakley High School pulled up. The two friends boarded and chose two seats in the left row. Savannah began a conversation with another girl in front of them, and Bella felt something hit the back of her head. She looked back to see Paul Denner and his posse, smirking at her. Paul and his posse practically ruled the school; he was six foot nine, and was the most athletic student in school.

Bella shrunk in her seat, hugging her knees. Savannah continued talking, oblivious. Finally, the bus stopped. Bella was jostled left and right by students who didn't notice her, finally falling to the ground. Savannah helped her up and they walked inside the school building.

This story is under construction.

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