Neighbor by LunarExplosion

Hannah, Jacob, and I were staring out my living room window after school. We were all bored out of our minds - until we saw my new neighbor Mr. Pat run into his living room, look down at something, look around, then he was out of our vision. We were the only people who saw this - my brothers were serving detention and all of our parents were playing Trivial Pursuit at Hannah's.

We decided to check out what he was doing tomorrow, since that was Saturday. My parents returned soon after, and my friends went home. That Saturday, we told our parents we were going to go meet Mr. Pat. It wasn't a total lie, and our parents definitely fell for it. Jacob, Hannah, and I walked up to his home. Finding it unlocked, we entered. Hannah almost called, "Hello?", but I quickly covered her mouth.

"Hannah, one wrong step and we probably end up being raped and then killed!" I hissed. Hannah nodded, and I uncovered her mouth. "C'mon, Robyn, it can't be that bad," Jacob replied. I decided he was right before following him and Hannah into the kitchen. No Mr. Pat.

Hannah crept down the stairs, and Jacob and I followed. We saw candles, like in one of those Satanic circle thingies. I was beginning to get second thoughts, but didn't want to be a pansy. We continued through the twisted freakshow, finding a piranha pool, a set of three mannequins dressed as a woman and two children, and a chest of human hearts.

By this point, all of us were really scared. Unfortunately, we were lost, so we were forced to continue. A piercing female scream, a child crying, and a baby whining echoed through the basement, scaring us even more. Suddenly, my world went black. When I awoke, I faced Mr. Pat. He was ass-naked, immediately placing his hands on my shoulders.

"What are you doing?" I demanded. He didn't answer me, but he pointed to the dead bodies of my two best friends. Anger and sadness engulfed me as I looked at the bodies. Then Mr. Pat grabbed my head, forcing me to face him. Then he shoved me on my back onto a bed.

"Your friends didn't suffice for my standards," he said in a gravelly voice that was an obvious fail at a soothing one. I blinked back tears. "But you, Robyn... You get something they didn't." Realizing resistance would only make my punishment worse, I let him climb onto me and resigned myself to my fate.

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