Pokémon Murder Moon by LunarExplosion

First off, let's get something straight: I'm a teenage girl. A teenage girl who played her first Pokémon game when Pokémon Sun came out. I enjoyed Sun, so I thought I'd get Moon.

Biggest mistake of my life to get it on Amazon... 

After some days of waiting, the game finally arrived. Excited, I practically shoved the cartridge into my 3DS. The game looked normal - but the title screen had "POKÉMON MURDER MOON" instead of "POKÉMON MOON". 

Nevertheless, I pressed New Game, and was greeted with the normal intro. After meeting Lillie, Professor Kukui, and Hau, I chose my Starter - an elegant Popplio. I beat the Trial Captains, Hau, Guzma, Lusamine, and wild Pokémon, all as normal.

It was only after I completed the game that things got creepy.

The screen went entirely black. Then, a sound filled my ears. Being an avid FNAF player, I immediately recognized it as Toy Bonnie's jumpscare. Then, a face appeared, filling the screen. 

Have any of you ever read Rap Rat? Imagine his face, with bloody holes replacing the eyes. The audio continued playing as the image flashed before my horrified eyes.

Suddenly, the screen changed to Moon - or as I had named her, Luna. Luna looked.. More like me. The same chocolate brown hair and eyes. Same fair skin. Same slender body.

A rat with the face from before appeared. It had a knife in its hand. I watched, horrified, as the rat mercilessly stabbed Luna.

Or should I say, me. That night, as I tried to sleep, I heard a female whisper from my closet:

"I will avenge you."

Then, I saw a small shadow, about the size of a mouse, appear on my bedroom wall.

Before you go, one last warning:

He is out there. He will find you. And one of these days... He will kill you.

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