Pokémon Zombified Sun by LunarExplosion

Note: I didn't actually come up with this. A friend suggested it, and I tried my best. :3

Ok. After Pokémon Murder Moon, I decided to get a version of Sun, just to see what sick joke someone could come up with. Worst. Mistake. Ever.

I bought the game off Amazon, similar to Pokémon Murder Moon. Again, I practically shoved the cartridge into the 3DS, excited to see what Pokémon Zombified Sun had in store. 

Ok, guys, I'm really squeamish when it comes to blood. I had to resist the urge to puke when I first met Hau... His brain was exposed. His skin was green, and all he could use to communicate were groans.

Blood was spilling from his head. When I met Lillie, she looked nearly the same. Hala, the Trial Captains, and nearly every single other Trainer. 

Finally, once I beat the zombified Elite Four, Hau snuck up behind me, pinning me to the ground. What happened next I can't bear to write...

All I can say is that after that, my Trainer ID didn't say Sola - it said Dead. The picture didn't look anything like the original: bedraggled clothing, bird's nest hair, and completely absent shoes. I noticed all of my Pokémon were like those ghosts from Gen I Lavender Town.

Suddenly, the game emitted a piercing scream; I pretty much fell off my bed. The next morning, I tried to tell my friend about it, since he's also interested in hacked games.

He told me he never heard of hacked versions of Sun or Moon, and that I probably needed more sleep. I tried to explain, but he wouldn't listen.

I swear, I'm never playing another hacked game...

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