Ritual-Game by LunarExplosion

We met on the first day of middle school. We were in the same homeroom, and during lunch he sat with me.

We talked for a bit before he noticed a rather large bruise on my left cheek. "Hey, what's that?" he asked. "A birthmark," I replied automatically. He looked at me with a "really, bitch?" face, and something forced me to spill. I told him all about how my parents hate me, how they mistreat me, how they don't care. He placed a hand on my shoulder. "What's your name?" "Katherine. But everyone calls me Kitty." He smiled. "Well, Kitty, come with me after school. I think I can help."

After school, I went home with him. When we reached his house, I felt uneasy. The place looked like Peeves from Harry Potter lived there. It was a complete mess; the roof was caving in, the walls had holes, and the wooden floors were rotting. However, he didn't seem to mind, and so neither did I. After we toured the house (if you could call it a house), I learned his name was Lucifer.

Finally, Lucifer led me into the basement. There was a statue of a large creature with devil horns, wings, and other disturbing features. By now, I wanted to leave, but I didn't want Lucifer to think I was a coward. He bowed to the statue, and I followed when he told me to. Then he took out a black book with a strange symbol on it and, reading from it, began chanting in an odd language. I went along with him, believing it to simply be a game of sorts.

After the weird ritual-game, he walked me home, all the way chattering about his savior. I was beginning to find this "Beast" annoying, but out of politeness, I kept quiet. "Bye, Kitty!" he called from the sidewalk, and I smiled back. The next day, he told me to meet him in the basement of his home. I didn't want to, but I agreed. As I went to the basement, I prayed to whatever god existed that I survived this. He met me with the book. The strange black book. "H-hi, Lucifer," I said, my voice shaky with fear.

"Hi, Kitty," he replied, grinning merrily. He told me to sit down and open my mouth, and I did. He opened the book and began chanting. I saw a black ghostlike thing emerge and come toward me. I began shrieking as the creature rattled my innards. So this was possession. I heard my screams turn into a demonic, extremely low roar. Lucifer smiled, walked over to me, and held my head in his hands.

"See? Now you never have to see your parents again. In fact, the only thing you'll be doing for a long time is serving my- or should I say, our, savior."

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