Something's Watching Us by LunarExplosion

Note: I'm not putting the links this time. I'm too lazy. :3

Aphrodite, Artemis, Quincy, and Athena were on their way home from the market. They were taking a shortcut Artemis knew, and it was through the forest. Though Aphrodite was paranoid, Quincy managed to calm her a little. As they walked through the trees, Aphrodite saw something. It looked like a man, but he shouldn't have been able to stand, like he was, or move at all. This strange man was behind a tree, apparently watching them.

When she tried to warn her sisters, they paid no heed. They didn't see him. Something ruffled in the bushes, and Artemis turned. "HEY! You better motherfuckin' show yourself before I throw your bitch ass to fucking hell!" she yelled, looking menacing. She punched air a few times before muttering, "Fuck this shit, let's get home." Aphrodite nodded, feeling a bit queasy.

After a couple sightings of the man, they came home. Their brothers were asleep, and the girls quietly went to bed as well.

The next day, the girls were sent to pick berries in the same forest. By then, they had dubbed the odd creature Slender, and the other three were very much afraid now. They slowly and cautiously picked the many berry varieties which grew there, and they saw the man.

He showed himself to them, and for an odd reason, everyone except Aphrodite was attracted to him. Aphrodite tried to pry her sisters away, but to no avail. When she got home, Cilan immediately noticed the absence and asked her where they were.

Since she didn't know if the man was there or not, she simply hung her head and replied, "I don't know." Aphrodite then proceeded to tell him about what had happened, and he seemed interested. "I think Cress knows a thing or two; you might ask him." Aphrodite thanked him and went off to see Cress.

As usual, he was reading something, this time about paranormal activity.

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