Tapes of Hell by LunarExplosion

Note: This story contains the following characters:

​These characters are from another fanon.

Chapter 1: The Tapes

One day, Cilan and Aphrodite were watching a movie. Aphrodite noticed a box of tapes, sparking her curiosity. She walked over to the tapes, pulled one out, took out the movie, and put in the tape. What she saw was horrifying.

A man was facing the screen. He was big and burly, with a curly red beard. There were four children, no more than 10 years old, tied to a pole. He roughly told them to wake up, which they did. He then ruthlessly beat one of them until she collapsed, dead.

The man then stabbed another child, beat another, and stabbed the last. He then engaged in rape. Both Aphrodite and Cilan were horrified at what they had just seen. Aphrodite moved closer to Cilan, scared and scarred. Cilan wrapped both arms around her, scared as well.

Chapter 2: The Nightmare

"Dear Arceus... What was that?" Cilan asked. "I'm not rewinding it," Aphrodite replied. After the normal day, everyone went to bed - but Aphrodite couldn't sleep. The tape played over and over. She was unable to forget the last part of the tape... She did eventually sleep, but had a horrifying nightmare about the tape.

She buried her face in her pillow. Aphrodite had to clear it from her memory... She blocked it out with good memories - but failed. The burly man destroying four young, innocent lives was too much for her emotions. The tears fell onto her pillow. She cried not only out of fear, but out of mourning for the four children.

She heard her door open, and someone entered. Aphrodite fell off her bed in fright. "Relax, it's me!" Cilan said. Aphrodite climbed back onto the bed and looked at Cilan. "What are you doing?" "I heard crying, is something wrong?" Aphrodite nodded. "That tape... I had a nightmare... It was horrifying..." Cilan placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're gonna be fine, ok?" "Ok." Aphrodite went back to sleep and heard Cilan leave the room.

Chapter 3: The Man

The next day, Aphrodite continued as normal - or at least tried to. She couldn't stop thinking about it. She had to investigate. So that night, Aphrodite snuck out of her bedroom window and walked around some. 

She walked into a forest, and something whacked her on the back of the head. Everything went black as she collapsed. She woke up tied to a pole, barely awake. 

"H-huh?" To her horror, she heard a rough voice say:

"Hey. Wake up."

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