The Camcorder by LunarExplosion

Note: This is not part of the Twisted Poké-world series.

On a Wednesday night, three teenage boys and four ten-year-old girls decided to go for a drive. Several minutes later, the police found their bodies. All seven looked as if their skulls had been cracked open. The police also found a camcorder, which had footage on it.

The footage depicted everyone in the car. Artemis was making bad puns, Aphrodite was doing her hair, Athena was reading, Quincy was reading over her shoulder, and Chili, who was driving, looked annoyed. The driving went on for a few minutes before the car stopped in front of a cave.

Chili tried to restart the car, but nothing happened. Suddenly, a ghostlike little girl staggered out, scaring the **** out of everyone. Chili finally managed to start the car, and he booked it out of there. Aphrodite's screaming could still be heard.

They managed to get some miles away from the ghost girl before she appeared directly in front of the car. Chili veered around her, and she teleported into the car. The screen went black, but screams and groaning could still be heard. Finally, some cracks were heard.

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